Dec 2016 - Semester ends for OB classes ��� MMS Div A, B

Organizational Behavior (OB) is the study of individual behaviors in an organization. The main focus is to acquire greater understanding of those factors which influence individual and group dynamics and through this understanding enable more efficiency and effectiveness in organizations.

The semester for MMS Div. A, B & C (181 students) ended in Dec 2016 with a dynamic mix of learning methodologies like lectures, understanding concepts and theories through movie clips and workshops. The highlight of this semester was a project based on ‘Human Centered Design’ concept. As an approach, design thinking taps into innate human capacities overlooked by more conventional problem-solving practices. It does not only focus on creating products and services that are human centered, but the process itself is also deeply human. Using ‘empathy’ for the end-user as a main tenant, students worked in teams to redesign products and experiences.

Quoting a student feedback verbatim, “there are only few teachers who can make a learner / student fall in love with the subject, you did that for me”. Some comments from my students are shared as testimonials.

Wishing my dear students’ success in their future endeavors