Chairperson for MET - SOMs HR Meet on 'Innovations in Organizational Positivity'

MET Schools of Management organised HR Meet on 'Innovation in Organisational Positivity' on October 20, 2012 at MET Convention Centre. The HR Meet began with a welcome address by Prof. Vijay Page, Director General - MET IOM to all the guests, corporate, speakers, faculty and students. Mr. Prashant Khambaswadkar, Chairman - NIPM & CEO - Universal Group played the role of Chairman of the HR Meet elaborated on the importance of positivity. Mr. Prasenjit Bhattacharya, CEO - Great Place to Work gave the Keynote address on how positivity was spread in different organisations. Prof. Dr. Farida Virani, Faculty, HR and Behavioural Sciences - MET SOM, also the Chairperson of the meet gave a brief introduction on Diagnosing Organisational Positivity. Under her guidance MET management students Rohan Shah and Pragya Rathore gave presentation on the corporate view on Positivity. Presentation elaborated positivity from an internal point of view i.e. as regards board of management, employees and shareholders and gave examples from companies like Colgate, Tata, Google and Infosys. The program was concluded by Prof. Vijay Page, Director General - MET IOM thanked everyone present for the HR Meet and making it a grand success.