Chief Guest at the Convocation Ceremony at Xavier's College of Engineering - Mum

May you see the wisdom of Asking the right questions Rather than giving the right answers May God bless you with enough foolishness To believe that you really can make a difference And do what some claim cannot be done. May you live simply, act justly, speak honestly And at the end of it all Be thankful that your life Has touched a thousand lives These inspiring words are a part of the convocation benediction rendered by Fr. Francis de Melo, at the Convocation Ceremony held at the Xavier Institute of Engineering (XIE) on 2nd Feb 2015. Founded in 1541 by St. Ignatius of Loyola, Xavier Institute of Engineering (XIE), Mumbai is managed by the Jesuits. XIE is a part of an international network of Jesuit Educational Institutions which includes 38 Universities & 3413 educational institutions in 68 countries. Dr. Y.D. Venkatesh, the principal of the college, always strives to match global standards in Technical Education. The convocation speeches are the final opportunities for colleges to educate its students before they forge their own paths in the professional world. Institutions often invite powerful and inspiring speakers to create an equally powerful impression on their students. Dr. Farida Virani was the Chief Guest for the event. She elucidated her life experiences and emphasized on three key points; 'freedom of choice' every individual possess and how those choices decide their destinations; acknowledging the responsibility and accountability that comes with the empowerment to 'write our own stories of life'; and the importance of 'defining success' not only with a materialistic outlook but from a holistic perspective . She stressed on the importance of 'Fulfilment' rather than only success. She mentioned happiness and fulfilment are the result of an inner contentment. Life is meant to be happy, healthy, and adventurous, with good satisfying relationships. 'Strive for fulfilment and you will be a success in life ', she concluded.