Paper Presentation at the Harvard University - Boston - USA

Dr. Farida Virani, Head of Department - HR & Behavioural Sciences , at MET Business School - Mumbai , presented a paper titled ' Performance Evaluation of School Teacher's - An Indian Perspective' , at a global conference conducted by the 21st Century Academic Forum, held at the Martin Conference Center, Harvard University, Boston USA from 8th to 10th March 2015 . The 21st Century Academic Forum is a global group of researchers and educators dedicated to supporting research that has the potential to influence the shaping of educational policy and practices to more effectively prepare students for the unique challenges of the 21st century. Dr. Virani was also requested to Chair a Session at the Conference. Leading the session, her key responsibilities as a Chair was, introduction of the session theme and the global presenters for her session, time management for each presenter and facilitating the questions and discussion following each presentation. Dr. Farida Virani was appreciated by both the organizers and presenters, for her courteous yet witty management of the session. She received certificates for her presentation as well as her responsibility as a Chair. Emerging thoughts from the global conference were; development of globally agreed outcomes, benchmarks and a frame work to hold educational institutions more accountable for cost, value and quality. The participating thought leaders also concurred that, frequent changes in the design and delivery of education were necessary to keep pace with the dynamic external/ internal environment and hence academic leaders should have a foresight and strategic vision to envisage these changes. The academicians were in agreement that much more had to be done to provide transparency to students as well as all the other stakeholders. For more details: