NAAC is an autonomous institution established by the UGC in 1994. The prime agenda of NAAC is to assess and accredit institutions of higher learning with all objective of helping them to work continuously to improve the quality of education. NAAC is a member of the International Network for Quality Assurance Agencies in Higher Education comprising of over 120 different national agencies engaged in Assessment, Accreditation and Academic Audit. Criteria for assessment include curricular aspects, teaching learning and evaluation, research consultancy and extension, infrastructure and learning resources, student support and progression, organization and management and healthy practices.

NBA accreditation is an outcome based, quality assurance scheme for higher technical education. The National Board of Accreditation has evolved a framework of quality assurance containing a robust process ensuring highest degree of transparency and credibility with little scope of discretion and subjectivity. The criteria for assessment include; institutional mission, vision and programme educational objectives, programme outcome, programme curriculum, students’ performance, faculty contributions, facilities and technical support academic support units and teaching-learning process governance, institutional support and financial resources, continuous improvement in attainment of outcomes.

The accreditation process can be daunting. We as a team recognize accreditation as a process intended to be wholly owned and supported by the institution. My team offers consultancy packages to support accreditation and recognition activity designed to meet your requirements depending on where you are on your institutional accreditation and recognition journey.

If you are an institution who is:

1. Considering Accreditation

We can help you with an internal audit to understand the alignment and suggest changes in the existing framework required to fulfill the various criteria required for the accreditation process. Additionally on demand, we can also conduct workshops for your faculty and staff to get them oriented to the need and the necessities of being accredited.

2. Preparing for Accreditation

We can assist in preparing, and maximizing your chances of, a successful submission. We help by starting the planning and writing process developmental review with time lines and feedback on draft documents. We also assist the organizations by helping them identify individuals’ within the organizations after assessing their professional strengths, while allocation of accreditation related tasks.

The purpose and impact of accreditation goes far beyond quality assurance of an Institution/programme. Amongst many other benefits, accredited institutions may be preferred by parents and students as well funding agencies for releasing grants for research as well as expansion etc.

We hope you set on this journey proactively. We will be happy to help.